Kneeboard Options & Pricing

The 4 fin, double bump winged, rounded pin tail: from 5’ long to a maximum 6’ 1”:

Nose: 16.5” to 18.5”, mid: from 21” to 23”, tail: from 16.5” to 17.5”

Thickness varies from about 2.25” to 2.75” depending on length and rider preferences.

Full gloss and polish with fiberglass construction from light to strong (your choice).

4 glassed on fins, without a deck pad.

This design for all waves: $395.00 clear.

The tri-fin squash / square tail: $375.00, clear, glassed on fins, no deck pad.

Twin fin fish: $375.00 , clear, glassed on fins, no deck pad.


Light construction (6 oz. and 4 oz. deck, 6 oz. bottom)

Strong construction (2 – 6 oz. and 4 oz. deck, 6 oz. bottom)

220 hand sanded finish, clear $20.00 less on any single board order.

Red X Fin System – Possibly the best choice for the strongest adjustment box fin system. Several excellent fin templates (Red X Fins X1 through X5) to choose from. Fins can be moved 1/2” within the boxes for fine tuning your board’s performance. Each Red X fin is secured in its box with one screw from the deck side, as the system employs a unique, through-the-board design feature. Check out this system at your local surf shop.

Additional cost: $30.00 for a tri fin
Additional cost: $40.00 for a quad

F. C. S. plugs and 3 fins: $30.00

F. C. S. plugs and 4 fins: $40.00

Neoprene deck pad, 3/16” thick, inlaid in the board’s custom pad well and foiled. If you’re a serious kneeboarder you’ll click on the advantages the pad affords (traction and your’s and the board’s protection) $50.00 (black color).

Airbrush designs from $15.00 to ?. This is totally up to the customer and needs to communicated in full with me. This can add 1-3 weeks to the usual 3-4 weeks construction time. Call or e-mail me.

Long deck dish (30”) on your custom order, no deck pad, add $15.00

Pre-cut deck pads (approx. 18”x23”) Pads have self adheshive with paper cover. $45.00 price includes shipping and handling (in the USA). For new boards only.

Redline option: $40.00 for the quickest possible production – this places your shaped blank at the head of the production line for both glassing and air spray design. Possibly around 8 working days construction time for a glossed and polished board.

NOTE: I strongly suggest, if you want your board ASAP, other than going the redline route, request a CLEAR board with either RED X or FCS fin system and that you order clear, #220 hand sanded finish. However, I believe that the best fins for the best 

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overall performance are glassed on, using my templates. And a gloss coat will help your board endure what you put it through a mite better than the sanded finish.

ALSO: Difficult art / spray designs are sometimes not taken on by many air brushers.  

Specifications for your order should be determined by your size, experience, where you surf, current boards and preferences, etc. You may want to talk this over with me, rather than not at all, if you want a board shaped by me. I want you as a satisfied customer and your business in the future. I can probably build you anything but a crowd-free surfing environment… if but every wave rider was a proponet of the Golden Rule.                       

* A request of you who ride my boards: if you have a really nice, sharp photo of yourself on a good wave I may want to post it on my web site. A 4×6” color print will do. I will return it if you wish.

SHIPPING:  I ship by FEDEX Express Saver (3 day economy), fully insured. There is a $20.00 crating fee for each board. Rates in the U.S. vary depending on crate length, width, thickness and destination. Expect $35.00 to as much as $85.00.               

Thank you and good waves to you.

 -Ron Romanosky

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