About Ron

Ron Romanosky is a well known and established name in the surfing community, for both his kneeboarding and his photography. He has been acknowledged for this form of surfing since 1970 and for his long tenure as a kneeboarder at California’s Wedge. He is also recognized as one of this sport’s leading shapers and for his kneeboard line, every one of which he personally shapes. Ron’s clients are experienced watermen and have ridden waves the world over.

Photographically, Ron’s images and several Wedge-specific photo features have appeared in surfing and sports related magazines in South America, Australia, Japan, Europe, as well as in the U.S.A.

In California he is currently a contributing photographer to Surfer, Surfing and Bodyboarding magazines. His images and two feature articles have  also appeared in the prestigious Surfer’s Journal.

Ron’s photography is represented or has been represented by the following stock photo agencies: Creation CapturedDigital VisionIndex Stock and Stock Imagery.         

Born in the Dominican Republic, Ron spent his early years in Virginia, North Carolina, California, Tennessee, Maryland and Japan, thanks to the many duty station changes logged by his father, a U.S. Marine. He graduated from Costa Mesa High School in Costa Mesa, California and spent three semesters at Orange Coast Junior College in the same city before being drafted into the U.S. Army in 1965.

While in Vietnam’s Central Highlands as an infantryman Ron got interested in photography, somehow recognizing the golden opportunity his predicament presented photograpically. Since that time into the present, the camera has been increasingly instrumental in shaping this individual and in determining his path in life.

Ron has resided in Newport Beach, California and has considered it home since 1962. He attended California State University at Long Beach where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation in 1975.